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After months of anticipation and waiting, the del Lago Casino Grand Opening is now just around the corner. As with any other casino opening, this event will be attended by guests, media, media representatives, gaming experts, and the general public alike. I remember being part of this event a few years ago in Las Vegas and how exciting it was to be there.

The area that is located in the east end of the casino has been known as a venue for major Hollywood productions and now as a full casino facility. The entertainment that is offered through the area has a combination of both theater and live performances. Every casino facility in the world offers an opportunity for patrons to experience what it is like to be entertained while gambling and a successful event such as this does not come without entertainment.

There are a few things that are important to note as one enters the Del Lago Casino Grand Opening. First, there is a lobby area that can only be reached by the entrance from the south side of the casino. Once you enter the lobby area, you will find many different gaming options and shows that you may choose from.

Next, you will find that there are several gaming tables that are located inside of the casino. You will also find that there are three separate poker rooms that are open for play while the main floor is reserved for non-gaming events.

One of the most specific changes that the del Lago casino has undergone in recent times is the addition of an auditorium for guests to watch events such as musical shows. There is even a large screen in the main casino area which can be viewed by all guests.

Another change is the ability to view the Del Lago Casino Grand Opening in their own rooms. There are also a full bar and service available. In addition, there is live music coming through to the south side of the casino and this area of the casino offer visitors the chance to see one of the major movie stars at work as they entertain at each of the gaming tables while they gamble.

Although the Del Lago Casino Grand Opening is just around the corner, you will find that there are a lot of great things to do while at the casino. Just keep in mind that this event will go off without a hitch but there will be entertainment provided as well as entertainment offered.