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Among the many casino, sports, nightclubs and other entertainment venues available to the visitors, the Del Lago Resort and Casino events calendar offers exciting activities, including special acts and concerts, nighttime tours, special dinners and buffets, themed nights, fashion shows, and much more. With a full schedule of live events all year long, it’s easy to keep the young people busy and engaged in one of the hottest vacation spots for adults and families.

del lago resort and casino events

During the summer months, the Del Lago resort and casino offer several popular entertainment events for children and teens. These events include: “Laser Quest,” a miniature laser tag game for kids and their parents; the popular “Rambo Brunch,” featuring menu options like “Madame O’Hara” Chicken, Cheddar Biscuits, Cheddar Eggs, Pancakes, and Fudge Brownie Sundae; and the “Punkin Van Races,” a kid-friendly carnival-style event featuring music, pinatas, food and more. The aforementioned events are just a few of the Del Lago’s popular summertime entertainment options.

In addition to its regular entertainment venues, the resort and casino also offer several resort-themed events during the rest of the year. These include: “Dinner with the Stars,” which is a dinner show where celebrities host a special evening for patrons. The “Treasure Hunt” feature several clues and an assortment of prizes for guests to find throughout the resort and casino, including puzzles, games, mini-puzzles, inflatables, photo ops, and other fun distractions. Another popular event at the resort and casino is the “Hunting Trivia Bingo,” featuring a night of great food and beverage specials, as well as trivia games and fun games, all for the general public.

When the weather gets warm, the resort and casino to open its doors to a wide variety of musical performances. These include the “Movies in the Park,” which is a concert series featuring live music, evening movies, comedy shows, and more. The “Waterfront Concert Series,” a popular annual event, features a wide range of special guest performers performing an array of music genres.

In addition to the above-mentioned live entertainment, the Del Lago resort and casino offer other events throughout the year as well. These include:

During the month of December, the Del Lago Resort and Casino host an exclusive “Christmas Eve Dinner” with a family-friendly atmosphere featuring traditional Christmas favorites. Guests can enjoy a three-course dinner in the casino restaurant along with a candlelight dinner at the Santa Fe Club Lounge, or an elegant midnight champagne toast at the Clubhouse restaurant. Other events during this time include:

Throughout the entire year, the Del Lago Resort and Casino offer several fun events that can be enjoyed by kids of all ages. These include:

At the “Sit Back and Relax” resort and casino, there’s a lot to do on any given day, no matter the time of year. So whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway, a fun-filled vacation, or a relaxing getaway, there’s plenty to do and see at the resort and casino, especially during the resort’s busy season.