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You don’t have to be from the area to take part in the del Lago Resort & Casino events or even travel to the beach for a little R. For those who love to travel to places like this for relaxing getaways, there are plenty of activities and events to take part in.

del lago resort  casino events

In addition to all the famous casino events, the del Lago is also famous for its variety of indoor and outdoor water parks. If you want to get some exercise while you spend some time with your family, or if you just want to enjoy a fun time at the water park, these are events you should look into. During the winter months, you can enjoy the free sledding at the nearby Lake of the Arts Ice Rink or the Las Vegas Zoo.

Of course, there are plenty of casino events during the summer months as well. Most casinos offer free games on their casino floors. They may offer special discounts for guests who participate in their events, or they may have special trivia nights.

Since so many people visit the del Lago resort & casino to celebrate special occasions or simply for entertainment, there are plenty of table games and night events that attract guests. On certain nights, couples, children, and couples with children can gather to enjoy the multiple lovebirds who call the place home. On other nights, guests can join their neighbors in casino games and enjoy the casinos’ amenities like casinos’ poker rooms and lounges.

There are also dances and performances for younger guests who are looking to show off their skills to potential dates or for adults who want to entertain their kids. The casino’s evening concerts feature R and B and rock and roll.

You can find what you are looking for no matter what you are looking for, so take your time and choose the events you would like to attend. The casino offers plenty of entertainment for all ages, from the occasional casino event to the R&B talent shows.

Some nights will feature music from the likes of Bobby Burns, Jamey Johnson, Trisha Yearwood, and others. Other nights offer a variety of lounge bands, jazz musicians, comedians, and DJs. You can even go dancing if you’d like to.

Even if you are not looking for entertainment, there are plenty of things to do at the casino itself, including lounges, suites, and even private party venues. In fact, the del Lago Resort & Casino has something for everyone. Visit the casino and find out for yourself.