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The Del Lago Casino Buffet at the Riviera Maya

The Del Lago Casino Buffet at the Riviera Maya is a deluxe dining experience that brings you close to the pearly gates of Vegas. This part of Mexico’s Riviera Maya Island is known for its splendor, class and sophistication. The luxurious restaurants are unique and serve the finest cuisine Mexico has to offer. The deluxe dining experience only adds to the overall visit to this island paradise.

del lago casino buffet

This deluxe buffet dinner at the Riviera Maya has five dining rooms to serve your craving for cuisine from all over the world. The food is delectable, and the service impeccable. The majority of the buffets offer a buffet of cuisines like Mexican cuisine, Hawaiian, Mexican cuisine, Mexican & Caribbean cuisine, Spanish cuisine, Thai, Indian, Chinese, and many others. There are also food services like a sushi bar, Italian, and an Italian steak house. The buffet dinners also feature appetizers, hors oeuvres, desserts, and cocktails.

In addition to the deluxe buffet dinner, there are also buffet dining options at the four marina ports where guests can dine on seafood, steaks, and seafood platters. The Marinas offer alcoholic beverages such as wine and beer to guests. There are also room service meals to satisfy your taste buds. The gratis dining menu includes appetizers, fish and seafood, starters, main courses, and desserts. In addition, there are soups, and vegetarian entrees.

A deluxe breakfast is also available at the buffet dinner at the Riviera Maya. The choices include bacon, eggs, biscuits and gravy, fruit and yogurt, pancakes, sausage, and waffles. There are also fresh fruit juices, and non alcoholic beverages. Brunch, which is breakfast served after noon, is offered daily at the Riviera Maya.

Guests at the Riviera Maya can enjoy the Caribbean cruises that stop at the Casino Buffet as well. A cruise on the Carnival Cruise Line stops at the Casino Buffet. Guests on the cruise can stay in the luxurious Paradise Collection hotel in the heart of Old Town on board the ship. Some of the cruise activities that guests can participate in include a round table poker game. You can also participate in the casino games with the casino pool tables.

While you are onboard the Carnival Cruise Line, you can be entertained by the many entertaining shows that you can watch while dining at the deluxe buffet at the Riviera Maya. The cruise ship offers interactive and educational activities to enjoy along with the delicious foods. You can also hear the casino games in the onboard staterooms while you’re enjoying your food.

If you are celebrating a special occasion, like a birthday, you may want to consider dining at the Casino Buffet. Dinner choices include one course appetizers, salads, appetizers, meats, seafood, traditional, Mexican, New Mexican, Cajun, Hawaiian, Creole, Southwest, Italian, sushi, burgers, and dessert. For drinks, there are wines, soft drinks, beer, and champagne.

For your transportation, there are ferries that take you to the Marina at the Riviera Maya. These sails daily from the Mexico port of Punta Mita, Baja California. For a ride that will take you right to the casino, a taxi ride from the hotel should cost you around $20. However, if you are traveling with a group of ten or more, you may be able to find taxi services that drop you off at the casino for a discounted rate.

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