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What to Do and See During the Del Lago Casino Resort Grand Opening

The grand opening of the world famous Del Lago Casino Resort has been a great event. For many people in and around Southern California for the event is very exciting, and they look forward to it. But what happens when you have an event like this on your doorstep. And what does the average person do?

Well, for starters most people head straight over to their favorite casino and start playing, if they have one. However there are also some people who opt to stay home and attend the grand opening of this magnificent hotel.

If you are planning to be at the Del Lago Casino Resort, you should know that there will be a lot of things that you have to do and see. One of the first things that you should do before you even arrive is to make sure that you get a rental car. You should also take the time to make your reservation with a cab. You will need to pay a hefty amount for these cab services. You will also want to make sure that you are familiar with the hotel rules.

While you may not have to wait too long at the Del Lago Casino Resort, there will still be lines of people waiting to get in on the floor. You can expect that there will be a wait from one to two hours depending upon the time of day. And this wait will begin well before the doors even open. So, if you are planning to go and try the Del Lago Casino Resort you might want to consider booking your reservations well in advance of time. After all you don’t want to be the first one out of the door when everyone else gets in.

The Del Lago Casino Resort is going to be very busy with guests, so you will have to remember to bring plenty of money on you when you are at the casino. And also make sure that you have enough cash on you because if you do not have enough money then you will have to wait until you are seated before you can make your withdrawal.

Overall the Del Lago Casino Resort is going to be an amazing venue for anyone to attend. And the added benefit is that you will be able to spend the night and enjoy yourself to the fullest at one of the finest resorts around!

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